Definitions for "NRS"
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Nevada Revised Statues.
Nevada Revised Statute. The laws of the State of Nevada.
Nevada Revised Statutes
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National Relay Service Website
Novell Replication Services
National Relay Service The NRS provides people who are deaf, hearing or speech impaired with access to the standard communications. The NRS operates as a translation service telephone service through the relay of voice, modem or telephone typewriter between voice and non-voice users of the standard telephone service. Number Portability Arrangements which allow customers to transfer their telecommunications service from one service provider to another without the need for a new number.
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Nippon Ranking System. A recording & data-aggregating system for annual ranking, specified by the Sports Committee of Japan Balloon Federation. Currently, tasks in the five events of Japan HONDA Grand Prix carry ranking points. O o
Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy. The government's overall plan for regenerating disadvantaged areas.
Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy
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Non-rising stem - A gate valve having its stem threaded into the gate. As the stem turns the gate moves but the stem does not rise. Stem threads are exposed to the line fluid.
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Name Registration Scheme
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Numeric rating scale.
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Networking and Resource Sharing