Definitions for "Switched Virtual Circuit"
Keywords:  svc, pvc, atm, relay, datacom
A SVC is a switched channel to the end system that is only activated when information is passed from one end to the other. This allows for bandwidth that might otherwise be allocated to a permanent channel to be utilized to its full extent, and available at all times to active SVC's. See also Permanent Virtual Circuit.
A virtual circuit connection established across a network on an as-needed basis and lasting only for the duration of the transfer. It is the datacom equivalent of a dialed phone call. The specific path provided in support of the SVC is determined on a call-by-call basis and in consideration of both the end points and the level of congestion in the network. SVCs are used extensively in X.25 networks. SVCs also are provided for in Frame Relay network theory, but have not been implemented, because permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) provide the same function and are much less complex to provision. See also permanent virtual circuit .
See SVC.