Definitions for "Android "
A machine or automaton in the form of a human being.
Resembling a man.
A robot built to look like a human being. Note that this term otherwise says nothing about that robot; it doesn’t specify that the robot can feel emotions, has a personality, or anything. The robot might have these things, but it might not; being called an “android” has nothing to do with it. It merely means the robot has a humanoid body.
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Android is a 1982 Science fiction film starring Klaus Kinski and Directed by Aaron Lipstadt. It was voted Best Science Fiction Film 1983, by The Age. It was completely filmed in 4 weeks and edited together in a further 3 weeks.
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Android is a tool for recording and playing back scripts of X11 events. It uses the XTest extension to send synthetic input events to any specified X-server. It is an extension to the TCL/Tk shell language. Android provides a "follow me" facility that will write the script for a particular series of events as you show the system what to do.
a computerized simulation of a person
Mechanical android programmed in whatever capacity they are needed