Definitions for "Angular velocity"
In dynamics, the spin (rotational speed) of a rigid body.
Also called rotational velocity, it is the amount of rotation that a spacecraft undergoes per unit time. For Landsat 7 it is equal to 1.059 mrad/sec ((233 paths/cycle * 2*pi*1000 mrad/path) / (16 days/cycle * 86400 sec/day)).
The rate of rotation of a particle about the axis of rotation, with magnitude equal to the time rate of angular displacement of any point of the body. Angular velocity is a vector oriented in accordance with a right-hand rotation (i.e., when the fingers of the right hand are curved in the sense of rotation, the thumb points in the direction of the angular velocity vector).
(angular frequency) the rate of change in the angle per unit time (see figure 5.7)
Rate of motion along a circular path, measured in terms of angle traversed per unit time.
The change in the central angle with respect to time as an object moves along a circular path (Lesson 7.7).
Angular speed in a certain direction, clockwise or counter-clockwise.
Keywords:  motion, rate
The rate of angular motion.