Definitions for "Radius of Gyration"
The distance from the reference at which all of the area can be considered concentrated that still produces the same moment of inertia. Numerically it is equal to the square root of the moment of inertia, divided by the area.
This is a measurement of the effective weight distribution in a ball as it relates to the moment of inertia. It essentially is an indication of the resistance to rotation motion. It is equal to the square root of the moment of inertia divided by the weight.
The radius of gyration of any surface in reference to an axis is the distance from the axis to that point of the surface in which, if the whole area were concentrated, the moment of inertia in reference to the axis would be unchanged. It is therefore equal to the square root of the ratio of the moment of inertia over the area.
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Radius of effective CG of blade during rotation.
Identifies how fast a ball begins to rotate once it leaves the bowler's hand.
An account of the distribution, of the mass in an object.
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A characteristic of the cross-section of the member used in the determination of its structural characteristics.
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