Definitions for "Anisotropic"
Not isotropic; having different properties in different directions; thus, crystals of the isometric system are optically isotropic, but all other crystals are anisotropic.
This term is applied both to a random function and to it's variogram (or covariance) when the values of the variogram depend on both the distance and the direction. Also see Isotropic.
Not isotropic; having mechanical and/or physical properties which vary with direction relative to natural reference axes inherent in the material.
Lacking consistent hardness on all surfaces. For example, the hardness of Kyanite on the Mohs scale is between 6 and 7 lengthwise, and between 4 and 41/2 crosswise
One which lacks consistent hardness on all surfaces, like the hardness of Kyanite on the Mohs scale is 6 to 7 lengthwise, and 4 to 4 1/2 crosswise.
A process of etching that has very little or no undercutting
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Non-symmetrical performance.