Definitions for "Anonymity"
A situation in which it is not possible to identity an individual.
The state of having your individual identity protected, especially from researchers. For example, someone would be anonymous who answered a mail survey that didn’t ask for the person’s name or any other ID.
To be anonymous means your true identity is not known at all. Pseudonymity means you have taken on an assumed identity. Your online service provider may allow you, as a subscriber, to participate in online activities anonymously (not known at all) or pseudonymously (taking on a different identity).
In the study of crowds, the lack of identification of the individual which leads them to act in a less social or responsible way than they otherwise would.
A social property of a virtual world that guarantees that users can be anonymous. Using a "handle", "nickname", or "alias" instead of a real name guarantees a certain amount of anonymity. Users may not be anonymous to the people running the world, however.
Some tools may wish to make responses anonymous. For example, Q&A may want to show the learner's names against the responses, sometimes it may want to just list the answers with no names. The author will select whether the responses should be anonymous or not.
the customers, merchants and transactions themselves must be anonymous.
The quality or state of not being named or identified Anonymous File Transfer Protocol (FTP) A method for downloading public files using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Anonymous FTP is called anonymous because users do not need to identify themselves before accessing files from a particular server. In general, users enter the word anonymous when the host prompts for a username; anything can be entered for the password, such as the user's e-mail address or simply the word guest. In many cases, an anonymous FTP site will not even prompt users for a name and password.
The state of being not known. Delaware does not require any business entities to list the owners on any public record, nor are Delaware Registered Agents required to maintain information pertaining to those holding beneficial interests in the companies they represent.
An assurance that no identifiable private information is being gathered, i.e., the investigator will not be able to identify subject.
Subjects are not identifiable to anyone, including the researcher.
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The quality or state of being anonymous; anonymousness; also, that which anonymous.
the degree to which a software system or component allows for or supports anonymous transactions.