Definitions for "Pseudonymity"
Pseudonymity describes the concept of using pseudonymous transactions as opposed to the use of 'identified' or 'anonymous' transactions. A transaction is pseudonymous in relation to a particular party if the transaction data contains no direct identifier for that party, and can only be related to them in the event that a very specific piece of additional data is associated with it. The data may, however, be indirectly associated with the person, if particular procedures are followed (from Roger Clarke's discussion of these issues). See this for an interesting analysis of these concepts. 5. Glossary R - S
False or fictional attribution of a literary work.
(also see Anonymity) A condition in which you have taken on an assumed identity.
The using of fictitious names, as by authors.
The practice of ascribing a work to someone, often a notable from the past, who was not the actual author.