Definitions for "Antiphon"
Keywords:  psalm, sung, verse, chant, canticle
A musical response; alternate singing or chanting. See Antiphony, and Antiphone.
A verse said before and after the psalms.
A selection of verses which were historically sung antiphonally by the two choirs. The tem is most frequently applied to Psalm 102, Psalm 145, and the Beatitudes as they are chanted at Liturgy; also to the psalm verses and refrains which replace these "antiphons" on Great Feasts. Each division of the hymns of ascents at Matins is also called an antiphon. Less commonly, the term is used synonymously with "stasis" in reference to the divisions of the kathismata.
Antiphon the Sophist lived in Athens probably in the last two decades of the 5th century BC. There is an ongoing controversy over whether he is one and the same with Antiphon of the Athenian deme Rhamnus in Attica (480–411 BC), the earliest of the ten Attic orators. For the purposes of this article, they will be treated as distinct persons.