Definitions for "Gloria"
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A doxology (beginning Gloria Patri, Glory be to the Father), sung or said at the end of the Psalms in the service of the Roman Catholic and other churches.
A portion of the Mass (Gloria in Excelsis Deo, Glory be to God on high), and also of the communion service in some churches. In the Episcopal Church the version in English is used.
The Gloria is a prayer of praise to God said and sung at Mass.
Gloria was a spinoff television situation comedy that lasted one season on CBS, from September 1982 to September 1983. It starred Sally Struthers, reprising her role as Gloria Stivic, the daughter of Archie Bunker on the hugely successful 1970s sitcom All in the Family.
GLORIA is the album by Okean Elzy, released in 2005.
Gloria is the second full-length album by German progressive metal band Disillusion. It is due for release on October 23 2006, via Metal Blade records. The album has leaked on the internet as of September 6 2006.
Gloria is a 1980 film which tells the story of a gangster's girlfriend who goes on the run with a young boy who is being hunted by the mob for information he may or may not have. It stars Gena Rowlands and John Adames, who tied with Sir Lawrence Olivier for winning the Worst Supporting Actor Razzie in 1981. Bill Avery served as an extra in this movie as a railroad conductor.
"Gloria" is a doo-wop song written by Leon René in the 1940s and later revised by Esther Navarro, with notable performances by The Mills Brothers, The Modernaires, The Cadillacs, The Manhattan Transfer (The Manhattan Transfer, 1975), and The Passions (Just to Be With You, 1992).
Wine/tablegrape derived from a Silvaner x Müller-Thurgau cross developed at the Geilweilerhof Institute, Germany. Used to make a neutral, full-bodied white wine with faint aroma that will attain higher sugar and lower acidity than Silvaner.
a group exercise instructor and Office Manager at Clubfit in Virginia
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The musical setting of a gloria.