Definitions for "Aphid "
Keywords:  ladybugs, lice, insect, juices, sap
an insect in the family Aphididae sometimes called a plant louse
a tiny insect with a soft body. Aphids eat the sweet sap of many plants, which makes them sweet to eat, too. Aphids are one thing that ladybugs like to eat.
A small soft-bodied and slow-moving insect that feeds by sucking the juices of plants.
Keywords:  mod, perl, quick, embedded, interpreter
Aphid provides a quick facility for compiling and installing the Apache Web server with support for SSL via mod_ssl, and with the embedded Perl interpreter provided by mod_perl. It downloads, compiles, and installs the software into the directory of your choice.
Keywords:  genus, one
One of the genus Aphis; an aphidian.