Definitions for "Argon"
A colorless, odorless gas occurring in the air (of which it constitutes 0.93 per cent by volume), in volcanic gases, etc.; -- so named on account of its inertness by Rayleigh and Ramsay, who prepared and examined it in 1894-95. Symbol, A; at. wt., 39.9. Argon is condensible to a colorless liquid boiling at -186.1° C. and to a solid melting at -189.6° C. It has a characteristic spectrum. No compounds of it are known, but there is physical evidence that its molecule is monatomic. Weight of one liter at 0° C. and 760 mm., 1.7828 g.
a dense gas generally used to insulate drysuit diving. Not for breathing purposes
Inert gas used in incandescent and fluorescent lamps. In incandescent lamps, argon helps retard evaporation of the tungsten filament.
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Hypopharynx Podophyllin
In the fiction of J. R. R. Tolkien, Argon was the fourth child of Fingolfin, High King of the Noldor in Beleriand.
Designed for the Sony Playstation 2, Argon, allows you to play multimedia files like XVID, DivX, and MP
Hybridization Prednisone
A chemical element, (symbol Ar, atomic number 18).