Definitions for "Krypton"
Keywords:  inert, argon, noble, colorless, gas
An inert gaseous element of the argon (noble gas) group, of atomic number 36, occurring in air to the extent of about one volume in a million. It was discovered by Ramsay and Travers in 1898. Boiling point, -152.3° C.; melting point, -156.6° C.; symbol, Kr; atomic weight, 83.8.
(Symbol Kr.) An inert element, fourth member of the noble gas family, atomic number 36, atomic weight 83.7; an element found in the atmosphere to the extent of only 0.000114% by volume.
Is a gas that is forced in between the panes in a double paned window, it is an alternative to Argon, but is a bit more expensive. To read more on Krypton.
Krypton is a fictional planet in the DC Comics universe. No longer in existence, it is the native world of the superheroes Superman and Supergirl. Kryptonians are the dominant people of Krypton.
Focal adjustment of the eye, generally spontaneous, made for the purpose of obtaining maximum visual acuity at various distances.