Definitions for "ASN"
see Advance Shipment Notice
An XML or EDI standard transaction set sent by a vendor to a customer that specifies the content of a shipment and when it is estimated time to arrive.
Advance Ship Notice. EDI transaction that informs users what, where, how, and when product is arriving.
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Average sample number. The average number of sample units inspected per lot in reaching decisions to accept or reject.
Average Sample Number. (e1+e2)/2
Additional Student Numbers
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Complete ASN.1 libraray supporting the encodings BER/DER/CER . The use of features of the .NET
Additional support needs. The definition of 'special educational needs' traditionally only applied to children and young people with particular types of learning needs. The new concept of 'additional support needs', introduced by the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004, refers to any child or young person who, for whatever reason, requires additional support for learning. Additional support needs can arise from any factor which causes a barrier to learning, whether that factor is social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic, or relates to a disability, or to family and care circumstances. For instance, additional support may be required for a child or young person who is being bullied, has behavioural difficulties, has learning difficulties, is a parent, has a sensory or mobility impairment, is at risk, or is bereaved. (SEED, ASN Division)
Under the Additional Support for Learning Act it will be the duty of education authorities to give extra help in school to young people with additional support needs. They may need this help because they have a difficulty with reading or writing; they may be disabled; or they may have difficult family or other circumstances, which are holding them back in school. Additional support needs can be short or long term.
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TM Access Stack Node. Bay Networks stackable (and therefore, scalable) router hardware platform that provides a growth-oriented routing solution.
Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition (the Navy Acquisition Executive [NAE])
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Abstract Syntax Notation
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American Society for Nutrition span
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Access Service Network