Definitions for "asset management"
1. The management of a clients investments by a financial services company....
The tracking of hardware and software assets to facilitate management and performance trends of your computer systems.
Management of assets in an investment fund.
Used here to refer to the activities required to build and maintain digital collections to capture and preserve the intellectual output of a single- or multiuniversity community and/or academic discipline. See also " Institutional repository."
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a trading style of AA Assoc Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority
Identification, copy / transport protection and collation of material essence and metadata
Inventory tracking and record-keeping for all transactions related to furniture and equipment assets.
A process that enables a company to keep track of and administrate all hardware and software products within the organization.
Providing for the timely and proper maintenance, tracking and disposition of one's lease assets.
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a leading venture capital firm, and one of the first established on the West Coast of the United States
monitoring the location and use of the physical assets of a computer system.