Definitions for "Assignments"
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A tool that allows instructors to create, distribute, collect, and grade online assignments for courses. Assignment submissions are private and invisible to other users of the site. Instructors can download all assignment submissions to their computer at once. Instructors can also decide when to release grades for a particular assignment (assignments can also be returned, with or without grades, for re-submission). More...
Assignments are tasks that you will undertake during your course in Higher Education. Assignments can either be undertaken individually or by a group. There exist numerous types of assignment, and each will require you to do different things for example, researching topics, giving presentations and writing reports. An assignment is an alternative means of assessment and is necessary in view of the fact that it is not possible to assess researching, project management, communication and other such skills during an exam. You will be marked against a set of tasks that must be completed in full to obtain the pass mark. Higher grades will be awarded if you can show understanding in your work, or have included work that adds to the assignment but was not specifically asked of.
An area where your instructor can distribute assignments to you. To see your assignments, click on this tool. Information included covers an assignment description, the grade value and due date, and a means of submitting the assignment.
Non-redeemable units of a fund that have been offered to a financial institution as collateral for a loan. Some assignees (lender) allow switches, others do not. AGF can assign a specific dollar amount, share amount or a complete fund. Assignments are not permitted on registered or locked-in plans.
Grants of property or a legal right, benefit, or privilege to another person.
The legal transfer of a right or property.
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DNS management application.
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The transfer of home mortgage loans from one person to another.