Definitions for "ATEN"
Actual physical manifestation of the Sun God Re, the Face of Ra. The Disc of the Sun, the creator according to Akhenaten. There is but one God, Aten is His Name and Akhenaten is his prophet. Sun disc with rays ending with human-like hands.
solar disk: under Akhenaten worshiped as the medium through which the divine power of light comes into the world
The Aten is the sun-disc god, worshipped as the one true deity during the reign of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten). Represented as a sun disc with human arms bearing the ankh (life) sign.
Assistive Technology Education Network. A network of services related to providing assessment and consultation on assistive technology to the state of Florida through five regional centers.
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is an Earth Crossing asteroid whose semi-major axis, a, is less than 1.0 AU but it's aphelion distance, Q, is greater than 1.0 AU.
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Lord of all.. .