Definitions for "Atg"
Keywords:  gun, thymocyte, globulin, anti, gum
see Anti-thymocyte globulin
Initials that stand for "adhesive transfer gum," a double-sided tape primarily used to apply dust covers or to hold mats together in multiple mat designs. The tape comes on a paper carrier and is generally, but not necessarily, applied with a special applicator--an ATG gun.
anti tank gun
The Annie T. Giles award is for the most outstanding small (3" - 4 1/2") flowered cultivar.
Automated Test Group, an Agilent business.
Automated Test Group, which provides systems, software and expertise that brings technology to life, from smaller mobile phones to innovative lighting applications for safer driving.
Advanced Technology Group
address translation gateway. Cisco DECnet routing software function that allows a router to route multiple, independent DECnet networks and to establish a user-specified address translation for selected nodes between networks.