Definitions for "Austin"
Augustinian; as, Austin friars.
term used in England for the Augustinian friars return to beginning
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Austin is the Astonishing Universal Search Tree Interface Novelty. Other libraries, even the much hyped C++ STL, give you ordered containers that force you to a single implementation and bring in the overhead of memory management. With Austin, you can choose and change the representation of a dictionary object at run time. This opens the door to tuning the choice of algorithm to the data.
The capital of Texas and the only city in that state that a non-Texan can actually live in. Austin is also a smoke-free city, which makes entertainment there quite enjoyable. The coffee bar across from the main building of the university actually serves real coffee, as opposed to the colored water most Americans drink as "coffee".
state capital of Texas on the Colorado River; site of the University of Texas
The Austin was an American automobile manufactured in Grand Rapids, Michigan from 1901 to 1921. The company built large and powerful touring cars; the 1907 60hp model was an eight-seater tourer. The 1908 90hp six was the "sportiest kind of car it is possible to get", according to Walter S.
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Austin is a brand owned by the Kellogg Company. Among its products are Choco Creme cookies.
Austin is a program for project management. It is a command line Windows program that manipulates project timelines in XML. It can produce HTML output and Gantt charts in PNG format.
an active professional association with a membership including commercial property owners, property managers, and vendor service and support companies