Definitions for "Auto-negotiation"
Keywords:  duplex, optimum, setup, ethernet, mpbs
A feature on twisted pair ports that allows them to advertise their capabilities for speed, duplex and flow control. When connected to a port that also supports auto-negotiation, the link can automatically configure itself to the optimum setup.
Allows 10/100 Mpbs or 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports to establish for the following features: Duplex/ Half Duplex Mode Flow Control Speed
A mechanism that controls the data when a connection is established to a network device. It automatically switches to the correct technology in the following sequence: 100Base-TX, Full Duplex 100Base-T4 100Base-TX 10Base-T, Full Duplex 10Base-T With the following benefits: Automatic Connection Backward Compatibility Network Protection Technology Extension Path Upgrade Management Interface Proprietary Extension