Definitions for "RS232"
Keywords:  eia, serial, baud, dte, dce
An EIA (Electronic Industries Association) standard that defines a protocol for serial data communications. An RS232 link will run at up 38400 baud (bits per second) over short distances, and at lower speeds as the distance increases. You can plug the RS232 lead directly into the computer's serial (COM) port.
A communications protocol used by serial ports for "talking" to compatible remote controls. Some high-end equipment also include RS232 compatible ports so that they may be controlled by computerized automation systems. See also: serial port, serial cable, PC interface.
This is the standard for serial data transmission using cables, normally carrying between ±5V and ±12V on both data and control signal lines.
Electrical specification: Single ended +/- 12V signals for two party communication
Point to point communication protocol.