Definitions for "DTE"
Data Terminal Equipment. This is computer equipment which is not directly responsible for communicating, for example, the computer itself and printers.
Data Terminal Equipment. An end-user device such as a terminal or computer.
data terminal equipment. Includes devices that are the source or destination of data. These devices are connected by data circuit-terminating equipment. Data terminal equipment includes devices such as PCs and printers.
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Direct to Earth communication between rovers and earth without orbiter relay.
Down to Earth Co-op Society. (Confest/Confab)
Days Till Expiration, or the number of days between today and the day the contract expires. For most exchanges, this includes only trading days, but for some exchanges in Europe, it includes weekends and holidays. We follow the recommendations of the exchange itself when deciding whether or not to include weekends and holidays.
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Direct To Edit&
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Distributed Time Entry