Definitions for "B8ZS"
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Bit Eight Zero Stuffing. A means of encoding 8 bit data via leased line [generally T-1] so all-8 bits in each transmission frame can be used to carry data.
Bipolar eight zero substitution; a line coding scheme to substitute 000 + - 0 - + for 00000000 if the preceding pulse was +, and 000 - + 0 + - for 00000000 if the preceding pulse was -. Done to maintain ones density
Bipolar with eight zero substitution. Clear channel line coding option on DS-1 service allows the DS-1 user to obtain greater throughput and functionality from their DS-1 facilities. The use of B8ZS allows users to transmit data at a rate of 64 Kbps per DS-0, achieving what is referred to as a clear channel. Applied against all 24 DS-Os on a DS-1, the effective data throughput of the DS-1 facility is increased with B8ZS from 1.344 Mbps to 1.536 Mbps, a 14% increase in throughput. CSUs with B8ZS support are required on both ends of the user's circuit.
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