Definitions for "Backing up"
A player may ask the dealer to take out the cards from the discard rack which were his past hand when he thinks the dealer made a mistake while calculating his card value.
Reconstructing a hand to prove the total. If a player suggests a mistake is made, the dealer may back up the hand from the discard rack to show him his original hand and re-count it.
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Printing on the other side of the sheet.
Printing on the second side of the printed sheet.
Printing the second side of a sheet so the running heads, folios, etc. match the position of those on the other side.
The process of saving files on alternative media so that if the primary files are lost or damaged, the files can be restored.
Making a copy of a computer file for use if the original is lost, damaged, or destroyed. Sometimes called archiving. See also DUMPING.
the process of copying your files onto removable media. This gives you a copy of the files that you can recover from if something happens to the original copy.
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Constructing the inside section of a brick wall after the facing brick of the same wall has been laid header high.
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Now called shear cutting or slicing - cleans up the surface finish.
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