Definitions for "Backward Chaining"
In an expert system, a goal-oriented process of starting with a tentative conclusion and then looking for facts in the database that support that conclusion.
A technique of "reasoning" for an expert system in which the system tries to verify a hypothesis by verifying all statements that imply (or lead to) that hypothesis.
An inferencing technique related to data seeking, in which G2 seeks the value of a variable by invoking rules that can conclude the variable's value. Contrast with forward chaining.
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In ABA-based interventions, a method of combining simple, component behaviors into a more complex, composite behavior. In backwards chaining, the child is guided through all of the steps of a behavior except for the last, which he completes on his own (or is taught to complete on his own). As he becomes successful with the last step, the teacher begins to guide him through all but the last two steps, and so on until the child is able to sequence the entire behavior independently. See also task analysis.
Many daily living skills involve children learning a sequence of actions, which are often broken down in small steps to help the child learn. Backward chaining is a process where the child is helped to complete the last step of a sequence only, at first. For example, in teaching a child how to put on a T-shirt, the T-shirt is put on, but the child is left to pull it down (initially with the physical prompt of an adult's hand over theirs). Once the child can do this step unaided, they are gradually taught more steps until finally no help is needed.