Definitions for "Bailey"
The outer wall of a feudal castle.
The space immediately within the outer wall of a castle or fortress.
Defended courtyard of a castle. (Kenyon, John R. Medieval Fortifications, 211) Related terms: Castle / Ward
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Kelvin 10-01 Archway Construction & Consulting Tyler TX USA
The name of one of our Golden Retrievers, born December 7, 2002 in the USA.
English lexicographer who was the first to treat etymology consistently; his work was used as a reference by Samuel Johnson (died in 1742)
A prison or court of justice; -- used in certain proper names; as, the Old Bailey in London; the New Bailey in Manchester.
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Balustrade Bar hole
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United States singer (1918-1990)
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a type of swimming suit which, as you play the code will note, that Samus is wearing