Definitions for "Stronghold"
A fastness; a fort or fortress; fortfield place; a place of security.
A fortified place of security and survival.
An institutional branch based at a military installation. Local Groups in Atlantia
Stronghold is a game by Firefly Studios from 2001, which combines real-time strategy elements with a medieval castle simulation. The game has a sizable community following and is well known for its addictive gameplay. It also has many fierce enemies that the player can fight against.
Stronghold is a Dungeons & Dragons real-time strategy game from 1993 published by SSI and developed by Stormfront Studios. Designed by Don Daglow, Mark Buchignani and David Bunnett, the game was the first RTS to use a 3D perspective, although the visual effect was created in two dimensions by a carefully layered display system. Stronghold was the first Dungeons & Dragons licensed RTS.
Stronghold is a book written by Melanie Rawn. It is the first book of the Dragon Star trilogy.
Stronghold is the fourth full length album by Summoning. This album marked a change in the sound of Summoning as it was much more "guitar orientated with more compact keyboard-melodies",date,imageLink,content&filter=id_releasetypes,1 Summoning's Official website. Their lyrics tended to drift away from Tolkien-related subjects on this album.
Stronghold is the second set in the Tempest block of expansions, including Tempest and Exodus. It contains 143 cards and was released in March 1998. Its expansion symbol is the closed portcullis of Volrath's stronghold.
Stronghold was a character from Valiant Comics' series, Harbinger.
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A holding ruled by a Free Lord or Captain.
an area under the domination of a power that defies any challenge to its rule
a base where you can put all your items, and has people to train you living there in separate houses
a mindset that permits demonic activities in our lives without our recognition of its presence
a mental pattern of thought revealed in un-Christlike behavior
a powerful, vigorously protected spiritual reality
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A foreign-based Soviet mission.
a terrain objective of the defender's choice (i
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Stronghold was a version of Apache Web Server, which included the Secure Socket Layer software to enable https.
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a way of thinking and feeling that has developed a life of its own in a person