Definitions for "BARRIERS"
are impediments to the communications process. They can be physical or environmental, or they can be psychological or social in nature. Barriers must be recognized and overcome for the communications process to be functional.
(of a radioactive-waste disposal facility): devices set up between waste and the medium or environment in which it is stored to prevent or restrict the dissemination of radioactive materials. Barriers can successively be the glass matrix (e.g. in vitrified waste), the package, engineered barriers for filling and anchoring, designed to protect the packages and prevent or slow down the flow of radionuclides to the geosphere in the event of deterioration, and finally the actual geological disposal environment in which the waste is placed
Social and environmental processes preventing or disadvantaging access, participation and achievement of students with impairments in tertiary education.
With increased understanding of the importance of male sexual health, doctors now recommend men break through the barriers that too often, and for too long, have prevented them from seeking treatment. The strong social stigma attached to this medical condition has made embarrassment and shyness a barrier to effective treatment. A further barrier to sufferers seeking treatment has been a lack of knowledge and understanding about ED and sexual health in general. Research shows that fears that ED is just a sign of aging, or is a stress-related problem, delays diagnosis and treatment for months.
Those beliefs that might keep unbelievers from understanding spiritual truths.
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Barriers is a British television series made by Tyne Tees Television for ITV between 1981 and 1982.
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A term used to describe man made or natural objects such as fences, roads, ditches, creeks, hills, and banks.
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things like latex condoms and dental dams, used to stop fungus, bacteria and viruses from infecting another person.
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are gates that are not closures but that simply limit the access of unauthorized persons or vehicles to particular areas or routes.
Some common standards that eliminate barriers are: Walks: 4' minimum width; Doors: 32" minimum clear opening; Telephone: highest operable part not over 48" from the floor.