Definitions for "Batwing"
Two-inversion element where a diving loop leads directly into an Immelman. The two elements are a mirror image of one another, and the train exits the element parallel but opposite to it's direction of entry. Arrow also use this term to describe a cobra roll on their sit-down coasters.
See Types of Elements.
formed by the exit of an Dive Loop going directly into a Immelmann. The two elements are positioned as if one is a mirror image of the other. The train exits the element parallel to it's entry and in the opposite direction.
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Shaped like a bat's wing; as, a bat's-wing burner.
Long, broad sleeve shape made from a large triangular piece of fabric from the shoulder to the wrist then joining wrist to waist, very popular in the 1980s. examples
formed or shaped like a bat's wing; "a dress with batwing sleeves"
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Batwing is the name of a Marvel Comics mutate.
one of a pair of swinging doors (as at the entrance to a western saloon)