Definitions for "Swinging"
In a sexual sense, the sharing of sexual partners between two or more committed couples.
vb : Recreational sexual activity, also called "sport sex" where partner[s] or participant[s] agree to have casual sex with each other[.] There is usually no emotional involvement. A form of monogamy in which usually two primary partners agree to have casual sex with other couples or singles.
Sharing partner for sexual activity.
Keywords:  lilting, buoyant, stride, broke, flute
characterized by a buoyant rhythm; "an easy lilting stride"; "the flute broke into a light lilting air"; "a swinging pace"; "a graceful swingy walk"; "a tripping singing measure"
Keywords:  unison, crew, perfect
a crew in perfect unison.
The act of a ship's turning round her anchor at the change of wind or tide.
changing location by moving back and forth
In series of flying changes, the active lateral displacement of the shoulders or haunches.
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Group sex or wife swapping.