Definitions for "BDC"
SAP's Batch Data Control, which processes screen-oriented data in transactions.
Backup Domain Controller. The server that contains a backup copy of the account database from the Primary Domain Controller (PDC). Used for authentication purposes.
See Backup Domain Controller (BDC).
This mark on most aftermarket crank pulleys, refers to the compression stroke of the #2 & #4 pistons. Set it to the seam in your case, then pull off the distributor cap and note which plug wire it's pointing to. That's the piston ready to fire. ore - The size of the inside diameter (I.D.) of any machined hole. Typically this refers to the I.D. of the cylinders.
Blood Donor Center
Before Top Dead Center. Use in timing to show the number of degrees prior to the piston reaching the top of its stroke.
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ackup omain ontroller
Block Downconverter or Block Downconversion.
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( abbreviation) rain ead ager.
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The "Bring Down the Catacombs" Quest.
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Black & Decker Corporation
the building letter code for the Buchanan Dental Clinic, 100 Buchanan Street, San Francisco
Business Development Company. a publicly traded company that invests in private companies and is required by law to provide meaningful support and assistance to its portfolio companies.
Business Development Company. A vehicle established by Congress to allow smaller, retail investors to participate in and benefit from investing in small private businesses as well as the revitalization of larger private companies.
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