Definitions for "Resolver"
A transducer using magnetic coupling to measure absolute rotary position. The resolver creates a fixed sine wave and one or more variable sine waves that are compared to create a position within 360 rotary degrees. It requires an analog signal interface and special conditioning electronics.
A position transducer that uses magnetic coupling to measure absolute shaft position during one revolution.
rugged electromagnetic feedback device that acts like a rotating transformer to provide an analog signal with velocity and position information; adaptable to many different environments because of its construction.
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For communications, turns a symbolic address into an actual address. The best known resolver is the Domain Name Service (DNS) for TCP/IP.
a simply query-and-response protocol
A resolver is a networking component that carries out Domain Name System (DNS) queries. It is located on the client's computer.
Resolver is the third album by the band Veruca Salt. It was released on May 16, 2000 on Beyond Records followed by a Australian release on December 6th 2002.
a web-service that can take an OpenResolutionLink as input and deliver services related to the OpenResolutionLink's referent(s) as output
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That which decomposes, or dissolves.
a database that can provide information about the resource identified by a URN, such as the resource's location, a bibliographic description, or even the resource itself
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a set of subroutines that can be loaded with your program
an authentication program which attempts to figure out the identity of the connecting user using nothing but the connection information (in other words, the user has not provided a username and password)
a module that encapsulates and exports the resolving services of a sequence of search methods
a component of the system dealing with the translation of an IP address
A class responsible for all interaction between the Interpreter and the underlying storage mechanism for component source files.
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an electronic device that matches the speed of the sound recorder it is connected to (usually called the slave) to some other reference (known as the master)
an operating system component present on every TCP/IP-compatible network computer that handles communication between different network applications such as a Web browser and the name server assigned to it
That which clears up and removes difficulties, and makes the mind certain or determined.
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One who resolves, or formal a firm purpose.
a system that can perform one or more stages of a resolution