Definitions for "BELT SANDER"
Keywords:  sander, abrade, ferrule, sandpaper, rpm
an electronic hand tool that takes all the work out of sanding wood
Almost the same machine as a drum sander. Differences are that instead of being directly driven by a belt and pulley with a slotted drum, it is driven by an overhead spindle and has no slotted drum. However, some machines have both. The main advantage of a belt sander is that it uses belts — continuous loops of sand paper — thus in theory leaving fewer chatter marks.
Type of sander using a long (42"), thin (1") belt to abrade shafts and finish ferrules. The preferred type of sander in most shops, the 1" X 42" belt sander runs at 1725 rpm.
a woodworker's best friend, indispensable for many jobs that would take long hours, or even days, to complete manually
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a must to allow you to shape the nose and tail block