Definitions for "BELTS "
Belts are engine accessories that are used to run many engine parts like power steering pump, water pump, air-conditioning compressors, etc. Belts are used to drive many engine accessories. Most overhead cam(OHC) engines use cogged (toothed) belts to drive the camshaft(s). Belts drive the.
A system where the rotating motion of the engine is transmitted to wheels or pullies via a leather or rubber belt. Most modern vehicles use a belt drive system to transmit energy to air conditioning compressors, power steering pumps, alternators, and even water pumps. V-belts are simple rubber belts with a V-shaped surface which runs around the belt. Multi-V or Serpentine belts consist of 3 or more small V-shaped grooves which run around the belt, and may power all the engine's accessories. Cogged belts consist of a number of rubber grooves or cogs which run across the surface of the belt, and are commonly used to drive components such as camshafts (timing belts) and superchargers.
Belts are used to drive sewing machines, vacuums, and other appliances. Belts provide a link between motors and driveshafts. Belts are also available for timing a sewing machine. Each machine requires its own belts. The model umber is necessary to order.
The plies of tire cords beneath the tread that determine the tire's diameter and stabilize the tread by resisting deformation from cornering, braking, and centrifugal forces.
These are layers of fabric or steel cords coated in a rubber compound providing the tire with its strength.
rubber coated cords located between the plies and the tread. They help reinforce the tread, as well as help the tire keep its shape against such forces as: tire inflation pressure, centrifugal force, cornering and braking. These cords are made from such materials as steel, fiberglass, radon, nylon, polyester or other material.
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Dark bands around certain planets, like Jupiter.
Strips of darker, lower altitude, higher temperature clouds in Jupiter's atmosphere.
Dark bands of clouds that circle Jupiter parallel to its equator; generally red, brown, or blue-green; believed to be regions of descending gas.
The Basic E-Learning Tool Set provides a basic set of tools for using and managing learning objects. Users can search and download content stored in The Learning Federations Learning Exchange. Set up classes and lessons for others to interact with. The server allows for multiple schools to be hosted on the same system.
Basic E-Learning Tool Set. A simple set of tools developed to demonstrate the distribution, management and use of learning objects and to aid investigation of requirements for e-learning environments by Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions.
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All transmission belts, such as flat belts, round belts or V-belts.