Definitions for "Bands"
In order to increase the thickness of the bellows neck for reinforcement or welding, an outside or inside band can be added. The bands are normally fused to the neck by resistance (roll) welding. The maximum band thickness is normally 2 to 3 times the neck thickness. Bands are not recommended for high vacuum applications.
See "Reinforced Edges", also, "Shrouds".
In order to increase the thickness of the bellows necks for reinforcement or to facilitate welding, a band or collar can be added. The bands are normally fused to the neck by resistance roll welding or edge welding.
Decoration worn at the throat, usually under the gown and usually made from white linen or cotton. Bands may be long and narrow and divided into two sections or they may be square and undivided. The undivided type may be trimmed with white lace and may be either plain or pleated.
BandsAccording to the Oxford English Dictionary, since the 18th century these have been called bands rather than by the singular band. are a form of formal neckwear, worn by some clergy and lawyers. They take the form of two oblong pieces of cloth, usually though not invariably white, which are tied to the neck. Bands is usually plural because they require two similar parts and did not come as one piece of cloth.Similar to jeans, another form of clothing that goes by the plural.
an unknown, i think Spanish, band called SKAPARAPIDS, and another called KORTATU
The color images used by PDS MAP-A-PLANET are made of 3 image files (red, green, and blue) which are combined to produce the color map. The color of each pixel is determined by the relative proportion of the red, green, and blue values. Each color image is refered to as a "Band." In the Viking color data, the green band was synthetically generated from the violet and red spectral image observations of the planet.
Emission or absorption lines, usually in the spectra of chemical compounds, so numerous and closely spaced that they coalesce into broad emission or absorption bands.
A range of numeric values associated with a numerical source field.
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Pieces of canvas sewed across the sail.
The cords or thongs on which the sections of a book are sewn. If the cords are laid into grooves so that they lie flush with or slightly below the surface of the back, they are referred to as recessed cords. If the cords or thongs are not recessed, they form ridges across the backbone of the book and are referred to as raised bands. See also flexible binding.
an H zone, consisting of myosin filaments only
Juvenile neutrophils. These are usually counted as neutrophils and contribute to the absolute neutrophil count.
Part of a system that allows an automatic transmissions to change gears. These bands can be adjusted externally without taking the transmission apart. Adjusting the bands is part of normal transmission service.
a matrix of square cells that describes the characteristics of an area and their relative positions in space