Definitions for "Filaments "
A thread- or hair-like structure.
Thin longitudinal "threads" of glass, polyester, nylon or other high-strength materials.
Soft, thread-like continuations of fins. Normally part of most rearward fin ray.
Some caterpillars have filaments (also known as tentacles) on their bodies. These fleshy appendages provide sensory information for the caterpillar. They are often mistaken for antennae. Monarch caterpillars have two pairs of filaments.
Filaments is a library package that can be used to create architecture-independent parallel programs, i.e. programs that are portable and efficient across vastly different parallel machines. Programs can be written with the focus on the parallelism inherent in the application, not the architecture. Also, programs can be written that use familiar shared-variable communication.
Prominences seen against the face of the sun, appearing as long narrow dark streamers or diffuse complex dark areas in H-alpha light. Filaments often mark areas of magnetic shearing (see Prominences).
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Individual fibers of indefinite length used in tows, yarns, or roving.
The part of a synthetic paint brush that holds and applies the paint. In a natural bristle brush, the filaments are often referred to as bristles.