Definitions for "Rosettes"
Keywords:  floral, pleats, motif, petal, eliptic
A device for focusing attention on a particular area with a curtain arrangement. An attractive ìfinishing-offî motif for curtain headings, swags and tails, and tie-backs. Can be knife- pleated, choux or bow style.
French for "little roses". A floral decorative dvice, usually a circle with petals developing out from a central point. The outer contour may be round, eliptic, or square. the rosette has been a popular motif since the gothic period. The rosette motif was favored by Adam and Hepplewhite.
Rounded ornaments with construction of elements in petal-like fashion.
Keywords:  zettz, nonelongated, stems
ro-ZETTZ Nonelongated stems. 541
a flowerlike cluster of markings, arranged in circles, as in the coat of a leopard. (Check out Shocker for an example.)
protein structures found spanning the plasma membrane of plant cells. They are the location for the synthesis of the cellulose microfibrils of the cell wall.
Keywords:  norwegian, dipped, fried, iron, cookie
Norwegian cookie that are dipped and fried using a special iron
Keywords:  knob, lever, behind, plate, holds
Plate behind lever or knob that holds the lever or knob in place.
The patterns formed when halftone color images are printed in register at the correct screen angles.