Definitions for "Gadrooning"
A decorative band used on Venetian glass, jelly glasses and lower parts of the bowls of some drinking glasses. It originated from a popular silver form of molded, applied or cut sections of reeds.
Continuous convex curves or reeding on metalwork, but also imitated on furniture and ceramics. Gadroon borders are made up of interlocking, repeated comma-like bosses, the resulting effect being of a circle in motion. On European TIN-GLAZED EARTHENWARE painted gadroon borders, known as false gadrooning, simulate a three-dimensional effect.
A term derived from the French word 'godron', which means 'ruffle', it's a carved decorative edge moulding, often found on the handles and rims of C18th silver, which is composed of a series of raised convex curves. In furniture, the term applies to an ornamental carved edge of tapered, curving and alternating concave and convex sections, usually diverging obliquely either side of a central point. This decoration is also found set square to the edge, in which case, on furniture, it's called Nulling.