Definitions for "Filigree"
Ornamental work, formerly with grains or breads, but now composed of fine wire and used chiefly in decorating gold and silver to which the wire is soldered, being arranged in designs frequently of a delicate and intricate arabesque pattern.
Relating to, composed of, or resembling, work in filigree; as, a filigree basket. Hence: Fanciful; unsubstantial; merely decorative.
Delicate thread like decoration in soldered, flattened gold or platinum wire generally pierced as shown.
A Universal Match Corp. trademark for matchcovers that had a waxy surface coating, spattered in a random manner over the entire surface of the matchcover. This trademark was first used in 1969 and there are approximately 5800 different known matchcovers. In 1979, the waxy coating was changed to include three new patterned designs. Fleur de Lis consisted of the French Fleur de Lis design. Grain was slightly wavy lines running the length of the matchcover. Tear Drop was a pattern, which looked like fishnet. All were discontinued in 1987. (See Florentine).
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See Balinese Filigree.