Definitions for "Medallion"
A circular or oval (or, sometimes, square) tablet bearing a figure or figures represented in relief.
Medallions were a very fashionable form of ornament during the Renaissance; the most famous medallion maker was Luca Della Robbia in Florence. These are plaques, usually round, bearing figures or family symbols in relief. Sometimes they have stories or anecdotes. In the Art Deco period, these were left plain.
An area or a reserve on an enamel surface that is usually round or oval in shape and is used for decoration.
A large medal or memorial coin.
A small, flat piece of metal with a design or inscription stamped or inscribed on it, made to commemorate some event, or awarded for some distinguished action.
a round piece of metal resembling a coin but not a "coin of the realm." A medallion may be issued by a government or private mint. The Engelhard 1-oz silver prospector is a privately-minted medallion.
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an emblem indicating that a taxicab is registered
a license issued by the City of New York that authorizes its owner to operate a duly licensed vehicle as a taxicab
a license to serve the public
a central, usually large, block or patterned area on a quilt top, defined in some way (by space or a border).
Center design of a rug.
Large design in the middle of some oriental and European rug styles.
The Medallion, or Amulet of Time, is a magical item from the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time video game series that resembles an astrolabe.
Any number of mylar and urethane type units which are affixed commonly in the cavities of woods or putters, but may also appear on metal woods. The units are designed for cosmetic purposes, enhancing the attractiveness of the club heads.
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a lot rarer than before
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a piece of metal, usually carved or engraving , that is used as a medal , or worn on the body as a special symbol
a very neat, small, thick piece of fillet
A large presentation piece not intended for circulation as money
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An ornamental block.
An ornamental unit.
a commitment to quality and a guarantee that the wine expresses the highest aspirations of the vintner's art
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Synonym for medal, but usually confined to those with a diameter of 50mm or more.