Definitions for "Gul"
Polygonal Turkoman motif formerly used by the nomadic tribes of Afghanistan, Russia and Turkestan as a sort of identifying coat-of-arms for families and tribes. The word means ‘rose' or ‘flower'. Cultures such as the Turkoman have used distinctive Gul patterns to represent individual tribal clans. illustrations: Typical circa 1900's tekke gul
A medallion either octagonal or angular in shape, used in Turkmen design rugs. It is often repeated to form an allover pattern in the field. An example of this is the small repeating elephant foot design found in Bohkara rugs.
Emblematic medallions characteristic of Turkmen weavings. Thought to represent stylized floral forms and possibly to signify particular tribal and clan affiliations.
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ya nie festive gathering in the oipen air on holidays; outdoor fête
Equivalent to a Starfleet Captain
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