Definitions for "Bukhara"
Bukhara is a modern city of about three hundred thousand people which contains within it hundreds of monuments to the city's heritage as a center for religious learning and political power. Detailed description
(also Bokhara and Bocarra) Uzbekistan 's capitol and a major trading center for tribal Turkish rugs. Turkoman rugs are commonly referred to as Bukharas, however contemporary rugs that are identified as Bukhara are often made in Pakistan . Bukhara rugs typically feature rows of repeating motifs or guls.
Turkoman rugs are referred to as Bukharas. The pattern most associated with these rugs is that of rows of repeated geometric motifs, or guls, woven on a red background.
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Dum Pukht cuisine in India is over 200 years old. When Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah was building the Bara Imambara during the famine of 1784 to provide work for his starving people, huge quantities of food was cooked in large vessels, degs, in massive double-walled ovens called bukharis. He tasted the food one night and loved it so much that bukhari cooking was incorporated into the royal court.