Definitions for "HEREKE"
Keywords:  turkey, turkish, senneh, persian, silk
Hereke in western Turkey has been a center for fine weaving since the days of the Ottoman Empire. The finest contemporary Turkish rugs are still made in Hereke, as they were a century ago. Wool, silk, and metallic threads are all used. Though Hereke is in Turkey they use the Persian Senna knot in rugs made there.
A style of rugs made in this Turkish city that are known for their factories where the most elaborate silk rugs are created. Although Hereke is in Turkey, they make use of the famous Persian Senneh knot in their rugs.
A western Turkish town known for very finely woven rugs having designs of classic Persian motifs, curvillinear Ghiordes prayer rugs, and frequently include border inscriptions. Rugs woven in Hereke may have knot densities of up to 800 per square inch. Silk is frequently used in these weavings.