Definitions for "Milled"
Keywords:  uncrupulous, tea, obverse, shave, coins
Having multiple fine grooves on the rim, in the direction from obverse to reverse; -- of coins. Coins of silver and gold were milled to make it impossible for uncrupulous persons to shave small pieces from the edge without detection.
A machine struck coin. Also the name of the ridged edges that could first be produced with coins that were milled (also called graining). Shown on many modern coins including the modern British 5p and 10p coins.
This applies to tea that is cut and ground with a cutter machine.
Keywords:  husk, polished, rice, outer, grains
(of grains especially rice) having the husk or outer layers removed; "polished rice"
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to manufacture
Keywords:  subjected, process
Having been subjected to some process of milling.