Definitions for "Coins"
Computer Operated Instrument System
Consolidated Information System, the Mintâ€(tm)s fully integrated enterprise resource planning system. The Mint utilizes PeopleSoft manufacturing and financial modules, Smith-Gardner Mail Order and Catalogue System (MACS) for processing coin orders from consumers, and MAXIMO for tracking inventory other than metal.
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Main Roman form of currency.
As most of the major slot machines originate in the U.S. this will indicate either dollars or quarters, the U.K equivalent of which would be pounds and increments of 30p.
Coins are one form of cash used in most countries in the world today. Coins are generally small, flat, thin, metallic, shapes used to represent various values of money. The value a given coin holds depends on its appearance, in terms of pattern, shape, size and so on. Although several countries may all use coins in general, these coins cannot be used between countries unless a currency exchange takes place. Australian currency consists of several coins of different denominations. Our silver coins aren't made of silver, and in fact are made of cupro-nickel.
Set amounts of precious metals forged into disks and decorated. Used as wealth or to trade with.
One of the Eight Precious Objects, coins are naturally a symbol of prosperity.
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menudo—pocket change
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a privately held company registered in the State of Indiana, USA, with a product class of Retail Merchant
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