Definitions for "SPANNING"
A layout technique that permits a volume (and its file system or database) that is too large to fit on a single disk to be configured across multiple physical disks.
Array spanning by a logical drive combines storage space in two arrays of hard drives into a single, contiguous storage space in a logical drive. Logical drives can span consecutively numbered arrays that each consist of the same number of hard drives. Array spanning promotes RAID level 1 to RAID levels 10. See also Array Spanning, and Disk Spanning.
Spanning, or concatenating, disk volumes combines unallocated space from multiple disks into one logical volume, allowing more efficient use of all the space and all drive letters on a multiple-disk system.
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"To extend across", e.g. a project may not fit on one CD-ROM so it is spanned to three CD-ROMs.
Merging two or more cells in a table. You can span cells across columns or rows.