Definitions for "Hot Spare"
Keywords:  spare, raid, rebuild, metadevice, fails
The ability of a RAID to have one implemented drive replace a defective drive upon failure. In an array, the hot spare disk automatically takes over the function of a failed drive.
A disk partition reserved for use in a stripe or mirror metadevice; in case an existing partition fails use a hot spare to recover data in place with no downtime and no data loss. See also Disk Suite.
A disk drive that is electrically connected to a CPU system that can take over the operation of a failed disk subsystem. A hot spare is differentiated from a Cold Spare in that a Cold Spare sits on the shelf until a disk drive fails.
an item that is known to work and that can be used to quickly replace a malfunctioning component to quickly get a user back up and running
a slice (not a volume) that is functional and available, but not in use