Definitions for "Mirroring"
The holding of a duplicate, or mirror, copy of a body of information locally to improve delivery to end users and avoid network-induced delays, especially across international links.
Also known as RAID 1. One drive is used to store a duplicate of the data of the original drive, providing redundancy. No data is lost if either drive fails.
Raid) A technique on hard drives of servers where the data is written to two hard drives simultaneously, in effect duplicating the data in two places. This way if one drive dies, the system can automatically use the other copy with no downtime or loss of service. Mirroring is know as Raid Level-1.
(the act of seeing oneself in the actions of another)
Matching one's behavior to that of another person, usually to establish rapport, sometimes preparatory to leading or intervening. (See “Cross-over Mirroring.”)
Putting oneself in the same posture as another person, in order to gain rapport.
(dance) the leader and follower face each other. The follower imitates the leader as if in a mirror (see "shadowing").
Imitating another's behavior or attitudes.
A partnering activity that involves simultaneously following a leader's movement while facing that leader.
This is an important supplementary technique for active listening. The person leading the discussion shows that he has understood or is trying to understand by repeating (paraphrasing) what he has heard the other say using his own words. This verbalization means grasping the emotional content of the experience of the other in words.
When a survey interviewer confirms a respondent's answers by repeating them - e.g. "So you are in the 30-34 age group, you are married, with two children aged under 16 - is that correct?"
In mirroring the coach reflects back to the client what they have said without parroting word for word. Mirroring supports clients in going to a deeper level of clarity.
Transforming a graphical image into its horizontally reversed form, as though reflected in a mirror.
Reflecting an object, plant, or tree in still water when viewed from the opposite bank.
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Vanity to Excess
Matching portions of another's person's behavior as in a mirror image.
Rotating an image 180° around the vertical axis at the center of the image so that left and right are interchanged.
Two monitors that show identical images. This is usually used when an external monitor is attached to a laptop or notebook computer.
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see Level 1 MIS director/CIO, 16.9
The flipping of a character so that its top becomes its bottom or its right becomes its left.
A process where seizures which start on only one side of the brain can in time 'mirror' themselves on the other side of the brain thus increase the frequency of the seizures. This is one reason for obtaining early control of the seizures.
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