Definitions for "Striping"
( Raid) A technique on hard drives of servers where the data is split into two (or more) parts and each part is simultaneously written to two hard drives. This way it takes less time to read and write the data. No redundancy is given. Striping is know as Raid Level-0.
A method of writing a file system, in parallel, to multiple disks instead of to single disks in a serial operation.
In composite drivers with two or more physical drives, the drive array subsystem uses a method of data storage called striping. With this method, data is divided into a series of pieces called blocks and each data block is stored on a different physical drive. When each drive contains a block of data, the process starts over with the first physical drive. By carefully selecting the size of the data block, the chance that the information needed can be read from or written to multiple physical drives at once is increased, greatly increasing the performance of the composite drive. See also block, block size, and RAID.
A pattern left on turfgrass - usually a fairway or a green - using lightweight mowing equipment. Its main purpose is a pleasing appearance. Patterns are the result of light reflected from blades of grass lying in different directions because they have been mowed in different directions.
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Strip Silence Stutter Effect (Stuttering)
This is the most common problem encountered when spraying metallic. Generally caused by one of three things: insufficient overlap between coats leading to a "dry edge", or using cheap thinners which flash-off at the wrong speed for the paint, or poor gun technique.
Painting of road way stripes, or the repainting thereof.
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The act of gluing a thin layer of oxide onto the 35 mm picture. Later on, sound will be transferred onto it in a process called " sounding."
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the act of marking with stripes