Definitions for "PLEX"
A copy of a volume and its data. There can be several plexes per volume. The terms mirror and plex are used synonymously.
A plex is a logical grouping of subdisks that creates an area of disk space independent of physical disk size or other restrictions. Mirroring is set up by creating multiple data plexes for a single volume. Each data plex in a mirrored volume contains an identical copy of the volume data. Plexes may also be created to represent concatenated, striped and RAID-5 volume layouts, and to store volume logs.
a copy of the data of a volume
A collection of (ordered) arguments (optionally enclosed by arg) and/or (unordered) user-defined slots (slot), identical to a complex term (Cterm) except not having a user-specified constructor (equivalent to having a system-specified constructor 'Plex'). Rest variables (repo and resl) are also permitted. For example: Plex Vartitle/Var Varauthor/Var Vartable of contents/Var Varchapters/Var /Plex (See: cterm module)
n. A metropolitan complex, or `metroplex'.
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In recent years, the firm responsible for much of the Bandai's toy concept, design, and engineering work -- especially tokusatsu toys related to Toei-produced programming.
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Region of Uttunul.
A causal dynamic network of procedures all interrelated by their categorial and conditional properties, representing the structure of a communicating individual (171).
a user-meaningful structure in ZX
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-For the Ericsson computer language see Plex_axe
referring to trunks or stems ("multiplex" = "many-trunked")
A process improvement tool for on-line use in full production.